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Prophet Yusuf Series 1 - 5

Prophet Yusuf Book Series 1 - 5 was written by Puan Ummu Ammar Amir and Puan Ris Melati Shamsuddin.

Both of them are teachers who love to instill good Islamic values to the younger generation.

Prophet Yusuf Book Series is not only interesting and informative, it also acts more than just a story book ! It is also filled with activities and games !

Lets have a look inside the book :

Prophet Yusuf Book Series consist of 5 books : Series 1, 2, 3, 4 dan 5.

The exciting story of Prophet Yusuf's adventure was told in the Quran as a lesson to us all.

This book brings us to get to know Nabi Yusuf A. S. , his family, his country, and his culture not only through stories but also with activities and games.

Every chapter starts with a song, that also acts like a sinopsis of what the chapter is all about.

Parents can scan the QR code on the page to listen and sing along together with their children.

Then the story begins of Prophet Yusuf's adventures. Related Quran verses are also explained for better understanding.

In each chapter, several keywords are chosen. They are put together in a mind map format with English and Arabic translation.

The important lessons or concepts are explained heavily for better understanding and easier to practice.

The concepts are also simplifies and re-iterated in point-form format or graphically.

Each chapter also has various activities including colouring, fill in the blanks, word seach, card games, art & crafts and many more.

To make it easier for kids to understand the story, there are also mind maps through out the chapter.

The sequence of the story falls perfectly and the colourful graphics used to explain the story is very interested and makes it very much suitable for children.

Every book also comes with a bonus poster. Each poster has the keyword from each chapter that is illustrated with a picture, the English keyword and the Arabic translation.

We need to constantly share stories of the Prophets and instill good Islamic values to our children.

This books does it all, suitable for kids, fun and interactive, informative yet exciting.

It is a MUST BUY, definitely !

Before that, lets meet the authors of this book :

Puan Ummu Ammar Amir is a mother of five children. A graduate in Bachelor of Information Technology from Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP). Experienced as a principal at Malaysia School in Nottingham (UK) in addition of being an Early Years Volunteer at Nottingham Nursery School and Teaching Assistant at Radford Primary School. She is also the founder of KausarXcel (Center for Holistic Learning), a training center for holistic education for children and also guiding teachers and educators. In order to produce a generation that love knowledge and knowing their Creator.

Puan Ris Melati Shamsuddin is a graduate of BEng Mechanical Engineering from University of Cardiff in 1999. Worked for Petronas upstream and downstream operating units including Petronas Fertiliser, Gas District Cooling and Petronas Carigali. Left last post as Staff Inspection Engineer for Petronas, and dedicated herself for children education. Experienced as a teacher in Malaysia School Cardiff, and open Quran classes for postgraduates children in London while her husband pursuit further studies. Currently teaches LGCSE subjects for secondary school in tutoring hub.

Over all, the Prophet Yusuf Book Series has

96 pages (Series 1)

102 pages (Series 2)

104 pages (Series 3)

112 pages (Series 4)

114 pages (Series 5)

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