August 4, 2016
Stratus Fear
August 4, 2016

What does a prominent business man and a stripper from a sleazy night club have in common? Detective Cadye Parrish wants to know. The death of Gavin McAllister, a member of the Senesco Institute, brings Cadye to Terre Celeste, the sky city of the elite. McAllister owned a condo at the exclusive Elysian Towers where he kept a live-in housekeeper/lover named Arianna Ravel. In fact, Cadye learns of the condo perks: the residents have their pick of live-in lovers plus the best of everything in food, clothes and entertainment while millions of people on Earth or Terre Cite live in squalid conditions and have little access to available amenities. Cadye herself lives in a rundown apartment house in LA with her lover, Rogue, who runs a lucrative Black Market business, but their relationship has become strained, and when Rogue leaves to visit his homeland of England, she finds she has little feeling left for him.
Thus, Cadye concentrates on work and begins her investigation of the McAllister murder, finding similarities to his death and that of a stripper, Tora Goodlove, who worked at the Midnight Lace Club. Somehow the prestigious Senesco Institute and the nightclub have a connection, one that the detective needs to find before more deaths happen. At the Institute, she meets the company PR director, the handsome and enigmatic Dane Merrick, and he quickly becomes the new man in Cadye’s life. Despite her whirlwind romance, Cadye keeps her mind focused on the investigation and finds a sinister side to the institute. Due to a former viral pandemic, peoples’ life expectancies have fallen, and the scientists at the institute have developed a breakthrough anti-aging formula that helps prolongs life. But as they recruit women—particularly from the Midnight Lace Club—as experimental subjects, they find their miraculous wonder drug isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.
As she digs deeper into the business dealings of the Senesco Institute and Gavin McAllister’s role there, Cadye discovers the truth, an awful, heinous truth that puts her in danger. Plus, she now knows that McAllister—along with the stripper Tora Goodlove— were murdered to keep the institute’s dark secret from seeing the very public light of day.
After surviving a supposedly accidental explosion, Cadye then wonders if Dane Merrick could be a part of some insidious plot to keep her quiet. Her investigation has already caused another death: that of her good friend, Koz, who had been helping her find out more about the institute. His death, plus her own near miss, makes Cadye more determined than ever to bring the murderer(s) to justice and expose the ugly truth, even if it means losing her lover…and her own life.

Marva Dale has authored several noir thrillers as well as adult romances, including her best-selling Death of a Flapper, a 1920s mystery, the first in her Death by the Decade series (available at amazon.com). Her ebooks can be found on www.smashwords.com while four of her mysteries are available at no cost through www.inkitt.com. (Vote for one or more of her stories submitted to Inkitt’s writing contest.)
For more information, visit her author page at www.facebook.com/marvadale.

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