Remnants of Chaos: Chaotic Omens

Miriamne the Magdala
August 23, 2016
August 27, 2016

The war between humans and demons has raged for nearly a millennium. It is nearly over as only remnants of chaos from the bitter war still last. But one’s woman’s blood can turn the tide in either side’s favor.

Azrael Chaos is a demon slayer for the Order of the Maleiorcum. While on a job, he meets the beautiful Nissa Omen who has the unique power to control minds with her dancing. Azrael soon discovers a plot enacted by the forces of Hell to kidnap her. In order to protect her, he takes Nissa to the monastery where he completed his training. There she begins her own training and the plot to abduct her becomes all the more complicated when Azrael’s rival, Mammon Zebulun, gets involved. Why is Nissa so important? Is Mammon one of the Devil’s seven generals, the Fallen Seraphim? Does Azrael have the faith in God to grant him the strength to protect her?

Let the gothic epic begin.

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