Not at Liberty
August 4, 2016
August 4, 2016

As hot, sexy attorney Liberty Sloane attends her friend, Dr. Daniel Baumgard’s grand opening of his new women’s shelter, she meets his new PR manager, Madeline Kime, who’s deaf but quite a capable business woman. The celebration is marred by anti-abortion protesters who have been threatening to close down the doctor’s women’s clinic where he has performed abortions. When Dr. Baumgard asks Liberty to visit him that evening at home, he enlists her help to discover the person who stole confidential files from his clinic, files that could embarrass certain women of influence in the Washington, D.C. area. Liberty promises to investigate, but her skills are tested when the doctor ends up murdered, stabbed to death on his own front porch. Now Liberty must find the murderer among the doctor’s closest friends and associates, including his son Rhett Baumgard and Rhett’s wife, Savannah, a former beauty queen who has her own tawdry secrets. Liberty’s efforts become thwarted by a savvy cop named Byron Keats who develops more than a professional interest in the lawyer. As the suspects pile up, Liberty enlists the aid of her office associations, Brandon and Corey to help gather evidence. Unfortunately, she finds that her investigation cuts into her vacation to Jamaica with BFs Tana and Nicolette. So what’s a girl to do? …Start a wildly torrid romance with a cop and get to work, of course!
Liberty takes up Rhett Baumgard’s request to represent Maddy Kime who has been arrested for Dr. Baumgard’s murder. In the courtroom, Liberty gives it her all, and manages to get Maddy off. Yet, the doctor’s murder is still unsolved. What happens next takes Liberty by surprise, for the murderer might be right in front of her!

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