Breaking the Alpha Beast – An erotic paranormal novella

Ian l’Argent, super-rich feral rock star, has a secret he can’t reveal to his fans.

He’s a werewolf — a real werewolf. But he requires only half a transformation for his act and he needs help with that.

Claire Pomeroy left a boring social media job to work for l’Argent’s abrasive manager. She has no idea that her job description will soon change, bringing her intimately close to Ian himself.

An ancient connection, buried deep in her DNA, will make Claire both Ian’s lover and his salvation.

They’ll never see a full moon the same way again. Because sometimes it takes more than a silver bullet to tame the beast inside.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: There is absolutely no sex with a wolf in this story. Yuck. If you’re looking for bestiality, look elsewhere. You’ll find instead a story loaded with lots of oral sex and other intense sexual situations. Breaking the Alpha Beast is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Here’s an excerpt:

“You like naughty things, but you want people to believe the opposite. You have a wanton, animal side.” He grins. “An animal side, like me.”

“Except that a full moon won’t transform me into a wolf.”

“You’re wild inside.” He moves toward her and traces a line with his index finger from below her chin to between her breasts. “Starting here.”

Claire’s breath grows shallow with desire and she feels dizzy. He hasn’t said anything that isn’t true, she acknowledges. She flushes as she remembers the torrid dream from last night. “I thought we were supposed to…do this…tomorrow night.”

Ian takes a step closer, slips an arm around her waist and presses her belly to him. Something round, hard and insistent, rising fast like baking bread dough, fills the space between her thighs. She doesn’t have to guess what that is. “Just a preview,” he whispers against her cheek.

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