Standing behind her looking at her plump ass and visioning the tightness of her constantly wet pussy had me wanting to do something real special right this moment too! Mmph baby, I rasped in her ear, stepping up behind her and poking her with the results of my attraction. Nigga don’t think I won’t let you bend me over in the bathroom and give me that dick while I eat my cinnabon. You know a bitch is a horny as she is hungry, she replied laughing and grinding on my dick. You ain’t saying nothing slim, grab that food and let’s go, I encouraged, giving the cashier a $100 bill and not thinking twice about the change. Damn nigga, you serious huh? Well don’t tease me with the dick, you better blow my back out since you rushing me and shit. You already know I got- I couldn’t finish my train of thought because a face from the past swam into my vision on the other side of the water fountain that was the center piece of the food court. I’d only seen that face once in my life, but just that one time was enough to ensure I’d never forget it. It be almost impossible anyway, aside from the shoulder length dreads we could’ve been twins. Baby, go to the car I said calmly my eyes locking with his as he moved clearly into my view. What? Why? No questions just go. Tae what- goddammit Brianna go! I whispered furiously but the look in his eyes said I was too late. Oh shit, I mumbled as the light danced on the chrome .44 DE he was pointing this way. Thunder roared when he double tapped the trigger, shattering the illusion of tranquil and happy shoppers. As everyone scrambled to safety. I grabbed Brianna by the waist and not so gently flung her towards the open cinnabon doorway. All the while pulling my sig p228 and letting my own series of bullets fly at my baby brother. Tae what the fuck is going on? She screamed, panic etched in ever beautiful line of her face. My response was simple, I grabbed the snub nose .357 out of the holster on my ankle and slid it to her, praying that her survival instincts would override the panic. Get to the car! I yelled, stepping into the fight like an old western. This lil nigga had heart I’d give him that, but I hated him as much as our father so I was more motivated. Come on DJ, you bitch ass nigga! I yelled. Taunting him while letting off 5 quick shots into his general direction. I could hear the return fire over the screams, but the swarm of people made it impossible to see him. Zig zagging from left to right I made my way closer to the water fountain, pushing people out of my way yet still managing to use the human shields they made to cover my approach. Not even bothering to pause in thought I rounded the fountain with my finger on the trigger and blood in my eye…but he wasn’t there. “Davonte” I heard her scream, and I spun around with a heart heavy with dread because I knew. What’s shaking big bruh he asked from a few feet away, on gun pointed at Brianna’s head while the more sinister looking .357 snub nose was aimed at her stomach. This is between us DJ I said, hoping my voice didn’t crack from the terror coursing thru my veins. “Nah my dude,” he replied cocking the hammer on the pistol aimed at my innocent and helpless baby girl. “Ain’t nobody safe.”


Removing the phone Day-Day had given me from my pocket I gave the voice command “call Sasha.” It only rung twice before a somewhat familiar voice answered. “Peace almighty” peace, where is she? Hold on, a few seconds passed and then I heard the confused voice of a woman I loved very much. “Hel-hello?” you ever made love on a million in cash? I asked her, smiling as I remembered the first time she’d said those words to me. Candy might’ve been Keyz girlfriend at the time, but from the moment I stuck my dick inside of her she belonged to me. “Is it you?” I could hear the hope and love in every word she spoke, and it warmed what was left of my heart to know that she was still mine. ”Yes, baby, and I’ve got a better surprise for you”, I told her putting the phone closer to Keyz so she couldn’t miss her screams when I put my cigar out in the bold flesh of her face. She tried to squirm away, but I used my body to pin her to the door until the entire cherry was extinguished. Come home baby, this plate of revenge is still hot enough for you. I could hear the familiar sweet melody of her laugh which was a stark contrast to the crying Keyz was doing beside me. I’m on the way baby, you just be there when I get there. I will sweetheart, and you’re safe with 6’9, ok? Ok…Dee? yes? I love you. I love you too my Candy Cane, I replied disconnecting the call just as the other line beeped in. “Speak” at first all I could make out was a hysterical sobbing which made ice of the blood in my veins. Who is this? I demanded. “Mr. Mitchell it’s JuJu.” Deshana was my immediate thought and I felt a panic unlike any I’d ever known. “What’s wrong? What’s wrong with my daughter?” She…a box came to the house…the cops…but it was Trey. JuJu stop! Form a complete sentence now! After a deep breath her voice came back on the line laced with tears, sorrow and so much pain. Deshana’s boyfriend dressed like a cop and delivered a box to the house. At the mention of this I heard my daughter wailing in the background making a sound so heart wrenching my heart ceased to beat. “What was in it?” I heard myself say softly, not wanting to know but needing to understand. It was…it…LaLa’s head. Her statement was followed by a loud ringing in my ears…and the line went dead. So many questions raced through my mind, but I couldn’t process the real information. LaLa’s head? No, no, no Latavia wasn’t dead, she couldn’t possibly be dead because she wasn’t part of this life. Keyz wouldn’t…you…you had my daughter killed? My voice seemed so far away even to my ears. It was an all out gunfight Dee, but I didn’t mean for- she didn’t finish. That excuse before I backhanded her with the pistol, feeling her nose disintegrate beneath the gun’s metal. Her screams loosened the tightness in my chest a little, but only a little. You’re gonna die slow Kiara, I promised her with a cold calm voice. “Devaughn you can’t, I heard the weak voice of my mother say from her prone position. Slowly she pushed herself up until she was sitting across from me, staring at a man she used to know.” Back to the house now! I commanded the driver ignoring my mother. No matter what she’s done she’s still your son’s mother, and he needs her just as you needed me. I’m gonna choose to believe that you don’t know the whole story and all that she’s. stay out of this mom. I like you, don’t fuck that up. Who you think your talking to- my ringing phone cut her off with mid-sentence. Speak, Daddy? What’s wrong Day-Day? I asked hearing the tears in her voice and feeling the heavy hand of panic wanting to crush me. Daddy, it’s Ramona. She got …got shot again, and it’s bad, Day-Day sobbed into the phone. My mind went blank and all I could do was squeeze the comforting grip of my pistol. Fuck waiting, this bitch was gonna DIE now. For all she’d done. “Daddy are you there?” I heard Day-Day ask from what seemed like miles away, Huh? Daddy there’s more…I got the tapes from the man you sent in because he wanted to know if we could identify the shooter. It was Keyz, I mumbled, numb from the kaleidoscope of emotions hitting me all at once. No daddy, Keyz didn’t shoot Ramona…it was grandma. I looked at the phone because it was obviously defective, or my hearing was just not making sense, I told her as patiently as I could. Your mom…your mom shot Ramona in the throat.

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